Todays Agenda

Introductions – Where are you?
Hardware Basics– Get connected, orient

Using the SMARTBoard
Touch, Write, & Save

Ink Aware Feature (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel)
Get Familiar with the SMART Notebook Software

Finding and using SMART Notebook Lessons
Creating (or modifying) a Lesson Plan with SMART Notebook
In Notebook, anything you can select inside the work area including text, graphics, shapes, and pictures are considered objects
Objects have 2 handles – to resize, to rotate
Black arrow to change properties (add links, clone, group, order….)

SMART gallery
Page templates (folded top right corner)
Gallery items
Online resources

Page Sorter
Overview of all pages in a presentation
Active pages are indicated by the blue border and a drop down menu
Cloning, deleting, clearing pages
Changing order, naming pages

Attachments, Recordings, Text Effects

Other SMART Board Tools
screen shade, spotlight, calculator, pointer

Senteo/SMART Response system
· Possible uses in the math classroom?
1. Formatively assess the skills as they go.
2. Record the problem solving process
3. Integrating the Achievement Series questions for D-STEP preparation or understanding of content standards