Best Websites

We will be exploring the 101 Best Web Sites for Elementary Teachers and 101 Best Web Sites for Secondary Teachers by James Lerman and some more sites that we have discovered on our own!
Educators are constantly busy, and to help them do their job well they need ready and reliable information. Internet resouces can be exceptionally valuable, but take time to locate and discover what they have to offer. Here is your road map to locating the buried treasures out in the wilderness....World Wide Web!

The sites are organized by all major core subject areas as well as a couple special sections devoted to "Cool sites for Kids", "General Teacher Support", and "Technology Integration". We have created our own web portal to help keep these organized by those areas and have added some more sites. You may locate all the urls we have found at this link: Join us in exploring as many as we can during our class!

How sites were chosen?
  • Ease of access
  • Ease of navigation
  • Valuable and relevant content
  • Credible and reliable content
  • free availability

Sites featured are created by professional organizations, universities, and recipients of government or foundation grants as well as sites created by individuals wanting to provide a services to colleagues.

These sites are chosen for their exemplary content and clean, kid-friendly design. You will find hundreds of interactive games, projects, lessons, and instructional resources to supplement your entire curriculum.

You may access these websites from a portaportal set up for this class. Go to Guest access box: type in BestWebsites
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